10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

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It's the holidays and there's tons of hot chocolate, busy holiday plans, and family gatherings. Your little ones are probably expecting a lot of presents for Christmas. With all the last minute sales and deals, shopping for your darling can be tough! Read on for our last minute gift ideas for kids.

Gingerbread house

Holiday seasons bring holiday fun, and a sweet but classic idea is to get the kids together and make a sweet holiday gift with a gingerbread house. They're affordable to get and easy to make. Just follow the instructions and let their imagination roam free.


Many kinds enjoy using bikes and scooters to have fun and get some exercise. Scooters don't cost much, and they're easy to use for small kids.

STEM toys

With the popularity of STEM toys and push for girls to go into science fields, it can be a fun and educational toy for your little one. He or she can learn how to code with a computer board or operate a robot within a day.

Lego set

Even the older kids and adults still love legos. Don't leave them scattered on the floor though! Legos can be a good holiday gift for the kid that loves to build things from his or her imagination.

Movie night

With the holidays come the all holiday movie releases. It can be a great gift idea for your kids and your family to go out and see a movie or spend a night in with the family to watch a movie of their choice. If you have netflix, this can already be done.

Coloring books and art supplies

On every back to school list and at every daycare, there's always going to be the option of having fun art activities for your kid. Why not get them a few more art activities to use during their winter break. Great art holiday gift ideas for kids could be coloring books, origami kits, painting sets, rock tumblers, sand art, and more. Michaels and other art stores always have great art selections for kids, so you can easily pick something up this week or even today and have it wrapped in time for Christmas. Maybe you'll pick up a coloring book for yourself since adult coloring books are now a thing too.

Kinetic sand

No more waiting for summer for hot weather and sand castle fun. Bring the experience indoors as a Holiday gift for your kid with kinetic sand. It's sand that's not messy and can easily be formed into many shapes and forms. Kinetic sand also comes in a variety of colors too, not just the classic golden sand color.


It's never not in stock in any toy aisle! A puzzle box can be a quick holiday gift idea for any kid that loves to spend time playing with problem solving toys. The more pieces there are, the more challenging the puzzle can be. There's also 3D puzzles where you can assemble a globe instead of a traditional flat puzzle.


With new technology, comes new kinds of toys for kids. Drones, flying helicopters, and remote control toy cars are always a favorite with drones being more recent. They're usually identified by their circle loops on top with fans in the circles.

Board games

Old school board games are always fun to play with kids. Most people remember growing up when they played Monopoly, jenga, checkers, and so on. Bring the experience with your kids this holiday season with some board game fun around the Christmas tree.

Hope these suggestions helped and have fun celebrating the holidays this year!


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