Fun Fall Activities to do with your Kid!

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Greetings everyone!

Fall is here, and with all the excitement of back to school, and fall weather, it's time to have some fun planning out neat fall activities for you and your kid(s)! Here's some ideas we have for you to plan out!

Fall festivals!

Anything to do with pumpkins, fall leaves, fall harvests, and apple cider is a great activity to plan with your kid! A lot of local towns will have their own fall festival with tons of activities for kids. They tend to occur during October till November when there are TONS of leaves on the ground and fall is at its brightest!

Fall park fun

Get ready to put those kids fall sweaters on, and go to the park for some classic fun! Kids always need room to run to burn off excess energy, so a day at the park will always be perfect for him or her! We love this idea in NYC since Central Park is always a great place to take a walk and enjoy the sights with our kids!

Have a fun day inside with tea!

Cool weather among fall leaves means time to bring out the warm beverages! You can try having fun making tea, hot chocolate, or any sort of hot beverage to keep warm on those autumn mornings. A packet of swiss miss can always warm up a cold morning, or an evening cup of tea will be ready to be enjoyed by all of the family!

Parents,  and don't forget those kids fall fashion cardigans or sweaters either before you head out for the day! The weather is getting chilly so we need to dress warmly! Take a break and have fun with your kid this fall with these fun fall activities!

With love,

Bit'z Kids

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