Fun Ways to Bundle up for the Winter

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It was only awhile ago the weather used to be warm, now it's gotten colder and we need to dress with warmer kids clothes for colder weather. We'll show you some easy and fun ways and kids activities on how to quickly get your kid warm and comfortable with kids clothes and kids activities for this years winter wonderland.

Sweatpants and Sweaters are a no-brainer in this situation. Jeans may be a good choice for winter days that are warmer, but boys sweatpants and girls sweatpants are not only great due to the cotton fabric comfort, and ease of use, but also the thickness of the fabric to keep his or her legs warm. Combo with a jacket and he'll be ready to make a snowman.

Have some bonus fun by color coordinating his kids winter outfit too. It can be as simple as picking the same color hat and gloves for his or her winter kids outfit. The best part is a gloves and hat combo can be an affordable way to mix and match any kids winter outfit.

How about some winter fun inside? Bundle up with a soft fleece blanket or turn it into a fun blanket fort games for the kids as a kids winter activity idea. You'll need a few blankets, chairs, couches, or anything you can drape a blanket firmly on. Then, prepare activities like reading books or board games for the kids to have fun inside their blanket fort. This is a great idea for those days where school is closed due to a snow day, or its too blizzard-like to go outside.

On those days when it's so so cold, always be ready with thermal wear. A thick, breathable shirt under a sweater is sometimes necessary or, you can get a thicker shirt instead. And don't forget the hot chocolate or tea in a small mug either!

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