How to Make Your Kid the Cutest: Boys Edition

Greetings fellow Bit'z Kids!

We know many of you all LOVE our cute boys clothing! That's why we're going to give you some tips on how to make your special boy even more cute! No matter if he has a school field trip, or a day in the park, we've got boys clothing tips and ideas for you!

Use basics for his everyday outfits for a simple cute look

boys outfit boys clothing ideas

When starting with a great everyday kids outfit, using basic kids clothing pieces like denim jeans, brown pants or a simple sweater can be the solution. With colder weather, you can still make a fashionable kids outfit with simple cargo pants, a sweater top, and cool shoes to complete the look. And of course, his backpack for school days!

Dress your kid in denim everything

Denim is always in style no matter what clothing store you visit. Many big names will have a denim only category. In the world of kids clothing stores, denim is a good choice to dress your kid in. A good boys clothes combo would be a boys denim jacket with boys denim pants. The undershirt can be a light tee or long sleeved kids shirt.

To take this cute boys outfit up a notch, add a blazer or baseball cap to the look! Who's becoming a little fashion star?!


Don't forget cute graphic tees too!

For kids clothing, there will be tons of graphic tees based on children's movies, book characters, kid activities, and more. You can pair up a graphic tee with basic pants or denim kids pants. In the summer, you can use kids shorts instead. We love styling with our dinosaur boys shirts and boys long-sleeved shirts for playful graphic shirt styling!

Here's our boys graphic tee example! If your boy LOVES dinos, this can be the perfect boys outfit look for him to make him super cute!

Your boys outfit can be really simple but so cute at the same time! Of course, we all know kids are inherently cute, so there's no way you can make your little one not cute with this guide!

Check out our polyvore for more super adorable and fun outfits for kids ideas for your kid today! 


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