How to Shop For The Best Boys Pants

Hi parents! We know you go to great lengths on finding the perfect kids apparel for your kids. With many kinds of cool and fashionable styles out there, there's tons of choices, but when it comes to finding something that not only fits and looks cool, it can be a challenge! Boys sure do grow up way too fast. Here's some of our best recommendations for finding boys pants, and kids apparel for your growing boy.

The best boys pants have elastic waistbands. One of the top problems when shopping for boys is that they need proper fitting pants, and many stores don't always have the correct fit. Many children's apparel brands now have adjustable elastic bands inside of pants to fit all kinds of growing boys.

Boys pants that have functioning (not decorative!) drawstrings can be helpful too when selecting good boys pants for your sons. That way, even if he grows a bit, he can tie the drawstring to match his waist size. Avoid pants that only have decorative drawstrings since they do not offer any adjustability whatsoever!

When buying pants, stick to basics! A good fitting pair of jeans, khakis, or formal pants can be easily mixed and matched with many boys tees and boys shirts.

But better yet, there's a trend with just sticking to the most comfortable boys pants. From this boys pants news article here, many moms exclaimed that their boys will often chose soft, knit, pants and sweatpants for pants that are for everyday use. If you think your son loves comfortable boys pants, then don't buy more jeans and buy more boys pants that are made of cotton, soft fabrics, and knit fabrics. For young boys, neutral colored leggings may be good for boys outfits too, so keep that option in mind when you're shopping around.

Boys that grow tall and slim can be difficult to find proper fitting pants. If your kid is tall and slim, then slim fits and straight fits for pants and jeans are perfect for him. If you're unsure if a pant fits or not, bring your kid to the store to try on in person. That way, you can find out if that brand works or not. If it does, you can probably order more styles online at a later date if desired!

If a brand carries a style or shape of pants your boy can fit into, then it might be best to stick to that brand if possible. 

Of course, we all love a good sale right? Wait for major holiday seasons for deals on boys pants and other kids apparel. You can even get some good sales on the weekends too if you subscribe to an email list or app service. Stick around for deals and you may score big.

What kinds of pants does your kid like? What are your favorite types of pants for boys? Above all, comfort is key and having pants with adjustable waist bands are the things to look out for boys pants. Comment below to share your opinion! We hope this guide helps you!

-Bit'z Kids NYC

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