Get your Kid Ready for Winter in 3 Easy Steps


Hello bitzkids friends!

We know that the weather is getting colder, and the wind doesn't help at all! But with cold weather, comes fun and cute winter trends for your kid. Whether you're planning for a big snow day, or looking to get new kids winter clothing, read on for how to make your kid ready for winter fun with these easy winter dress tips!

Step one: Bundle up with big warm sweaters for winter fun!

boys sweater cute boys clothes

It's sweater season, and that always calls for cute, comfy kids sweaters that will warm your heart like a cup of hot chocolate(or a cup of tea if you prefer). Fashion kids sweaters these days aren't too bulky or frumpy like a silly xmas sweater either! Some kids sweaters ideas could have stars, zigzags, stripes or even hearts on it. Pair it up with your favorite kids jeans or kids sweatpants for those chilly days!

OR! Make it fun with Cute Graphic Sweatshirts

Graphic tees and graphic sweatshirts are always in style in fashion, so why not apply the same for your kid? You get a two for one deal with this kids fashion idea! He's stylish, and warm at the same time! The graphic could be a quirky saying or a picture of his favorite tv character or book character on the front of his boys sweatshirt. Graphic hoodies are also another idea for warm and comfy kids tops.

Step 2: Warm those tiny hands with kids winter accessories

Complete your kids outfit with knitted hats, scarfs and mittens for girls and boys! These are essentials that will complete any kids winter outfit. For a girly winter look, try pink mittens or gloves along with a pink hat. Better yet, he or she will definitely look more winter ready with a matching hat and gloves kids accessories set. For a winter look for boys, knit accessories in cool/dark colors will look great on him. Or, you could go crazy with colors and try a rainbow winter look for kids too!

Step 3: Adorable snow boots and shoes!

Can't forget these before you start your snowy day! 

Suede boots, fur boots, and traditional snow boots can complete your adorably warm children's winter outfit for sure. Fashionable snow shoes like the uggs look alikes or many fur lined boots can go well with many kinds of kids winter outfits for girls and boys winter outfits.

Remember stay warm, and fashionable(and cute) with our kids clothing ideas in the upcoming cold winter months!

-Bit'z Kids NYC