How to get that NYC style for your Kid


Greetings all!

We know a lot of our fellow bitz kids fans are in the big apple with their fashionable, street style taste. NYC kids always dress with urban appeal while still being the cutest kids on the block. Here's some kids clothing tips on how to get that NYC look for your kid.

NYC logos on everything

Whether it be a girls hoodie or a boys sweatpants, to show off your NYC pride with your kid, get him or her some kids apparel that has NYC written clearly on it. Even a simple kids baseball cap with NYC on the front can let everyone know who's from the big apple.

One of common kids clothing pieces you can get NYC style with are NYC kid hoodies, hats, pants, and kids sweatshirts. This can also be a perfect fall winter kids outfit look for your kid too.

Rep your borough!

No matter where you live in NYC, you'll always have love for your home neighborhood. If you live in Brooklyn for example, get all kinds of kids hats, kids jackets, and kids shirts with Brooklyn on it.

Nothing else completes the outfit with a good set of kicks. Sport shoes, suede shoes, and tennis shoes can be great for your little fashionista. It should be a shoe he can feel comfortable in, while being able to use these shoes for school and gym class.

Another tip? Get kids outfits for NYC sports teams. If your family loves the thrill of the game, incorporating NYC teams for a kids outfit can be another way to show off that NYC style, and maybe more bonus points on Instagram too.

On top of that, mix some NYC logo pieces with fashion staples such as jeans or kids blazers to make your kid extra cool on the playground. Once you've followed these steps, you're bound to get compliments on how cute and stylish your kid is, rocking a kids outfit and NYC pride at the same time.