The Top 10 Things We Look Forward in Winter

Greetings all!

Even with the weather turning cold, there's still so many things to enjoy about winter! Here's some of our best things we adore about winter!

Can't go wrong with candy canes and hot chocolate by the fireplace! No matter where you go, there will always be the candy canes on sale, and the swiss miss ready for drinking. Make it a bigger adventure by going to a speciality drink shop that brings out the most chocolate/cocoa filled hot chocolate beverages with tons of whipped cream on top. 

We love candy canes and holiday prints for winter!

Next? Cute winter outfits. There's nothing better than seeing our little customers and family and friends' kids in their winter outfits and winter accessories. Pom poms on winter knit hats, and fluffy winter jackets are a sign of the holidays and winter weather.

When it gets really snowy outside, it's time to make snowmen and snow angels in some great winter fun. Even if you're not a kid, it can be hard to resist throwing a snowball at your friends as a small prank!

Winter sports are always in style during the winter. Skiiing, figure skating, hockey, sledding, and more are always great family fun ideas for kids. There's always an ice rink available in the winter to visit.

When the winter time comes, so do winter plays like the nutcracker. Going to a play this winter season can be a fun activity for you and the kids to enjoy.

Running out of ideas for winter fun? Having fun with these winter themed crafts can be a great way to spend a weekend with the kids. There's always tons of ideas for winter crafts, and it's a perfect time to make colored ice and paper snowflakes.

But we definitely love making gingerbread houses at this time of the year. Buy premade kits at the store for under $20 or turn it into a craft day with the kids with this gingerbread house recipe.

The holidays are also a time when all the stores dress up their window fronts in holiday themed displays. It can be a fun day out looking at all the store fronts especially during shopping time. Especially in NYC when big holiday events like the Rockefeller Christmas tree come to life!

We're not going to lie, we also love holiday deals! This is definitely the time of year to save big on gifts for your friends, toys, and gifts for yourself! Treat yourself.

Last but not least, we love how the holiday season brings together friends and family. During the year, we're all so busy, especially moms and dads of kids. This is the time to relax with loved ones and take a good break.

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