We Love Japan - 3 Ways to Incorporate Japan for Kid's Outfits

Hi Bit'z Kids fans!

As some of you may know, we're a Japanese brand based in NYC. We have kids clothing basics for boys and girls, and kids apparel for all seasons of the year. One of our most favorite collections is our traditional Japanese apparel for kids. Read on to find out more about our tees and how you can rock Japanese style too!

Famous symbols of Japan in vivid prints

Japanese Graphic Tees - Fun & Unique

Bright, vivid kids tees is what we think of summer. We have plenty of kids tees featuring famous Japanese cultural symbols. For example, our Japan wave tee, is reminds us of the famous Japanese painting, The Wave of Kanagawa. In Japan and abroad, there have been many cultural references on bomber jackets, accessories, and all kinds of street fashion.

Tribal prints are a hit for the summer

Cool down with Summer Kimonos and Yukatas

In Japan, we may occasionally wear traditional Japanese clothes such as kimonos for special events and occasions. In the summer when it's the time of summer festivals and very hot weather, we wear light kimonos and yukatas to keep cool while still having fun. We've released special kids kimonos, yukatas, and jinbeis for kids to wear in the city as a unique summer kids style look. Our traditional Japanese kids apparel features all kinds of fun patterns such as animals, flowers, and geometric shapes and patterns for a stylish kid's summer.

So much denim to choose from!

Denim Love and American Style

In Japanese street style, we love denim and "American" styled apparel too. Preppy style and vintage style clothing can elevate one's fashion look. Denim pants and denim shorts are always in style in the streets of Tokyo. Iconic jeans like vintage Levi's or vintage style vests and coats are highly sought after by some Japanese enthusiasts, some paying up to $10000+ for a very rare pair of vintage jeans! Every year, we always provide denim boys shorts and pants in a wide range of styles such as dark blue, distressed, faded, and so on for your little one to rock the streets of NYC and his home neighborhood.

As a Japanese kids apparel brand in NYC, we're proud to share our favorite styles and collections with our cute kid customers. Which is your favorite? Comment below and follow our Instagram for weekly updates!