Our Story

No Waste, Inc. was founded by Shinya Hikita, a Japanese fashion specialist, in 2021 with a passion to make kids happy through our whimsical kids clothing designed in Japan. We believe kids' smiles bring happiness, which helps to make the world a better place.

Jethical, our original brand, represents Japan and Ethical. With commitment to sustainability in fashion, we take an innovative approach in our production with the full integration of IT to minimize waste and losses and careful selection of factories that meet certain ethical standards.

We continue to strive to be a bridge between Japan and the US and be an inspirational brand for as many kids as possible.

Our Founder

Shinya is widely recognized as a Japanese fashion expert especially in baby and kids clothing with over 20 years of career in the fashion industry both in Japan and the US. Before founding his own companies both in Japan and the US, he spent 14 years at World, one of the leading Japanese fashion companies, followed by the Director of J Brand run by Fast Retailing Co., Ltd known for an internationally recognized brand, Uniqlo, the Executive Officer of F.O. International Co., Ltd, Japanese leading kids clothing company, and the President of F.O. USA, Inc.

Shinya’s strong interest in bringing sustainability in fashion led him to establish a couple of his own companies in Japan and the US to achieve his mission.